Monday, January 3, 2011

Painting again

After going for a long while without doing one of the things I am most passionate about, I decided it was definitely time to start again. And so I started painting. These are all 8"x10" paintings.

This one started from an idea I used a few years back. I think I would call this style Impressionistic.
Then I did another one.
And another.

Later I decided to paint a cupcake like one I had done at the beginning of the year.
After all those paintings I decided to go back to the basics and do a still life of an apple on a plate. I'm learning that it's important to always work on my foundation in art. I really don't have a specific style that I stick to, and I hope that's okay. There are just so many different things I like to do, and they involve virtually limitless amounts of ideas.

Oh, and I have also started my own little art shop on Etsy! I have a few paintings for sale right now and some of the above paintings are included. No one has bought one yet and maybe they'll never sell! But it's okay, I will just keep on painting! :) Here's the link if you want to check it out.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And here are the Ornaments

Here was my attempt at making my own painted Christmas ornaments.

I think they turned out pretty cool! They take days and days to dry though and because of that, the paint on the inside changes depending on how the ornament is sitting. Maybe I'll add a few more photos once they're hanging on a tree. They've changed a lot and the colors have blended since I took these pictures.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas ornaments

So i had the idea recently to decorate my own Christmas tree ornaments. I have seen so many cute things online and am now pretty sure about what I am going to do. I'll show some inspiring photos. Unfortunately they're not my own but they will give you an idea of what I want to do. It looks like SO much fun!

These are all beautiful ideas and I can't wait to try it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food, Inc.

Has anyone seen the documentary called Food, Inc? Taylor and I just watched it this morning for the first time and it was fascinating. It went into detail about the Food Industry and the "veil" that is pulled over our eyes to keep us from knowing what really goes on to bring food to the grocery stores, fast food chains, etc. All I can say is GROSS. Please find it and watch it, I think it is so important that we know what bad things we are putting into our bodies without even knowing it. If you have Netflix you can watch it online. It's some serious stuff.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Meal?

So a little while ago I posted about the experiment we were going to do with Happy Meals. We started it a few weeks late but it seems to be producing the same results as others have gotten. Nothing's happening to it, it's just drying out and getting stale-looking. I've come up with a few thoughts on it though. The problem with leaving it out where air can get to it is that it just dries it out. And isn't moisture the key to producing mold, etc? Well at some point we're going to try this test again but put it in a sealed container and see what happens with the highly processed food, compared to say a home-made hamburger. We'll try to keep you posted.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting on the ball!

Back in high school I found this exercise video at the Provo Library after getting my own exercise ball. After using it for a few weeks I felt GREAT and noticed good results. Two years later when Taylor and I were engaged I found it on and purchased it. Since then I've used it whenever I've felt like my body needs some extra strengthening. I should probably use it a lot more than I do but I am thankful for it whenever I actually get myself to use it. I'm about to go do it right now and that's what sparked my desire to blog about it. It's just a good way to strengthen your muscles and get yourself to feel good. Thanks for listening. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not-so-Happy Meals

This is for everyone out there who eats, see's others eat and/or who's heard of McDonald's. So, basically everyone. Taylor found this on Yahoo news and he called me and had me read it. It is fascinating. Now I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, I eat fast food every once in a while and may even enjoy the occasional hamburger from one of the main fast food chains but in the end do I ever feel well after? I won't feel like going for a three mile run, that's for sure. And even if I don't feel too bad physically I don't feel like giving myself a pat on the back. Most of us already know what fast food does to our bodies and this article gives a perfect example of why the stuff really should be avoided. Sally Davies conducted an experiment by leaving out a Happy Meal to see how long it would hold up before molding, decomposing, etc. Here are two photos taken, one back in April when she first laid out the food, and the second 6 months later.
I don't know if I would have been able to identify which is which.

Here is a link for the whole article:

Taylor and I will be conducting our own Happy Meal test beginning today so if you want updates just check out this blog.

If you want any more motivation to stay away from fast food, try watching Super Size Me. It's a documentary written and directed by Morgan Spurlock who takes on the challenge to eat only McDonald's food for one whole month. It made me never want a fast food meal ever again.

I feel quite passionate about this topic and I think it is because I feel so strongly that the happiness and peace of Americans are crumbling because of such bad health. I could go into so much more BUT I will spare whoever is reading this. If you do feel like listening to more of my thoughts on this topic, I'm sure there will be more in future posts. I hope you find the info as fascinating and motivating as I did. :)